Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Crap That Pisses Me Off

  1. Fucking Yuppies that cut in front of me in line at Tazikis. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE GUY IN ORANGE PLAID SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then you cut in front of me AGAIN at the drink fountain?!?!?!?! I hope your kids put you in the state-run nursing home where they beat you every night.
  2. People who are wearing heavy sweaters, long pants, and flip-flops. WHY????? Don't your feet get cold? Are you some kind of alien?
  3. Purse dogs. It's a dog, not a cat. Let it walk around or it will grow up to be anti-social and try to bite the shit out of me.
  4. Alabama's dumbass weather. STOP RAINING ALREADY!!!!!
  5. Crocs. Especially winter crocs with fleece lining. On men. What could possibly make me want to fuck you less?
  6. People who say, "My dog won't do that!" Well they won't with that attitude asshole!
  7. Right now, pretty much everything and everybody.


  1. re: # 2 on your list.

    last night, we went to the movies. last night was mid-october. last night, stupid girl was wearing umbros and a TANK and flipflops while ALL of her friends were in sweatshirts and jeans.
    hopefully, it was last night that she finally caught her death.

    also, sorry for cutting you off at the drink fountain.

  2. They have winter Crocs? There is no god.