Monday, April 16, 2012

CBR IV: Book 8: Teaching People, Teaching Dogs - Dani Weinberg

Teaching People Teaching Dogs

I'm a dog trainer, so I read a lot of dog training books, and I need to count every book I read if I'm going to get a half-cannonball. This is a book written by a dog trainer specifically for dog trainers. I bought the kindle version since it cost half of the paperback. Yay technology!

I picked up a couple of good tips for dealing with students, especially on how to give constructive criticism. It also focuses on getting students to see the good in their dogs, instead of thinking that they live with a demented Hellbeast. The author also stresses the importance of getting students to practice with their dogs at home, even going so far as telling them how many minutes they should practice each exercise per day.

This was a quick read, and had a lot of great tips. This really is just a book for dog trainers. I can't see anybody else getting a lot out of this book.

4/5 Stars

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